• What the Neighbours Did, The Home Channel, 20.00

Tim and Verity Williams knock down most of the walls in their Victorian terrace to create an airy contemporary home with a loft conversion and huge glass extension at the back. Before they get started, Amanda Lamb takes them to visit neighbours who have already transformed their homes to get practical advice about using bold colours, planning the perfect kitchen and the realities of sleeping under the flight path.

• Pawn Stars, History, 20.30

The guys set their sights on a World War II era bomb sight. Used by US bombers to direct their big-bang cargo, will they be able to keep this negotiation on target, or will heavy flak blow the deal out of the sky? Then, Corey and the Old Man go and check out a stock ticker from the 1930s.

• Dr G: Medical Examiner, Discovery ID, 21.40

Every day, Dr Jan Garavaglia, one America’s top female forensic pathologists, attempts to determine how and why people died, often providing the vital evidence that leads police to the perpetrator of some heinous crimes. A corpse is a constantly changing mystery, its blood and tissue containing clues that Dr G and her team must uncover.

• Medical Detectives, Zone Reality, 22.00

Viewers will see how crimes, accidents and outbreaks of disease are solved around the world. Follow coroners, medical examiners, police, journalists and legal experts as they put together the pieces of the crime puzzle.