• Planet Food, Travel Channel, 20.00

Bobby Chinn travels to Sicily and Portugal. In Sicily, he learns that the cuisine is a reflection of the island’s cultural and historical events. Bobby travels from Palermo where he experiences the Arabic street foods and the island’s signature pasta dish, made with sardines. From there he travels to Trapani to try a Sicilian couscous. Finally he heads to Catania, located below the volcano, Mount Etna, where he visits a winery on its slopes.

• Planet Cake, BBC Lifestyle, 20.30

Delve into the kitchens of cake decorators Planet Cake, following the dramas faced by owner Paris Cutler, a former stockbroker, and her team of custom cake creators. Egos and artistic temperaments collide as these talented decorators are pushed to their limits and race against time to design, create and deliver the most extraordinary couture cake masterpieces that have brought Planet Cake worldwide fame.

• I Didn’t Do It, Crime & Investigation Network, 21.00

Looks at some high-profile miscarriages of justice in recent history, and the dark side of a system that can imprison innocent people. The series looks beyond the investigations to reveal the harrowing personal stories of those affected by the mistrials, and explores their fight to achieve long awaited redemption.

• Man v Food Nation, Sony Max, 21.00

After three years of eating his way around the US, testing his endurance (and stomach capacity) in a range of daunting food challenges, Adam Richman is now taking the concept to the next level: he’s recruiting local big eaters to take part in feeding frenzies in their own home towns.