• Design Inc, The Home Channel, 19.00

Sarah Richardson’s newest client is her own design firm. The entire team is mobile while the office comes together; a gypsy work ethos that has been tough on everyone. This creative group of individuals has to transform this shell into an environment that is inspirational, functional and chic.

• Real Housewives of Orange County, Vuzu, 19.30

Alexis and Tamra meet for a game of tennis. After the match, they talk about Gretchen Rossi’s upcoming Tupperware party and Alexis is shocked to learn the two are still feuding. Later, Gretchen and her boyfriend, Slade, go to the races with Alexis and her husband, Jim, where the talk turns to the argument between the ladies which Alexis is determined to mediate.

• Lorenzo’s Oil, Sony Entertainment Television, 20.30

This drama tells the true-life story of the Odone family, who are plunged into despair when they learn their seven-year-old son Lorenzo has the rare degenerative brain disorder ALD. The film charts the determination of Lorenzo’s parents, Augusto and Michaela, who refuse to sit by helplessly and watch their son die. Having been brushed off by doctors and scientists, they tirelessly research the illness and experiment with treatments in the hope of finding a cure.

• Cheaters, Zone Reality, 21.00

On the trail of partners who trash the values of monogamy, Joey confronts the risk-takers who thought they’d got away with cheating on their partner in dramatic showdowns. Discretion never gets in the way of a good cat fight on this show, and Greco’s clients are always shown the steamy evidence – and always in the most public of places.