l FBI Files, Crime & Investigation Network, 19.45

After a career criminal committed a murder in New Orleans, FBI agents tracked him through his habits and addictions. They focused their investigation on gambling communities in the country and, when he resurfaced in Atlantic City, authorities used their resources to trap an elusive sociopath who claimed he would never be taken alive.

l Heston’s Mission Impossible, BBC Lifestyle, 20.00

Heston Blumenthal attempts to help four of Britain’s biggest brands dramatically transform their food production – and maybe improve their profit margins, too. He uses his maverick culinary genius to tackle the food dilemmas faced by British Airways, the NHS, the Royal Navy and Cineworld. He also conducts bizarre experiments to find solutions where other chefs have failed. .

l The Big Cheese, Food Network, 21.00

Jason Sobicinski starts the series with a visit to his mentor, Ihsan Gurdal, owner of Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US. Later, he goes north to Vermont where, as an intern, he learnt about rearing goats and making cheese from Michael Lee of Twig Farm. Jason’s first tour of duty ends with a goat braai, followed by a Turkish pizza cooked by celebrated Cambridge chef, Steve Johnson.

l Giuliana & Bill, Style, 21.10

Giuliana returns home from the hospital and has to adjust to life after her mastectomy. As the couple search for a home in Chicago, their lives get busier when Giuliana leaves to cover the Grammys and Bill heads back to Haiti to build houses.