l Baking Made Easy, BBC Lifestyle, 20.30

Ex-model and patisserie chef Lorraine Pascal is an expert baker and shares her knowledge of baking sweet and savoury recipes. The series features old favourites, new twists on modern classics and tips on shortcuts, techniques and secrets for baking. From breads, muffins, biscuits and pastries to cookies, cakes, tarts and pies, Lorraine’s recipes inspire everyone.

l Kiss of Death, M-Net Series, 20.30

A convict can’t say no to one last deal – the chance at an early release from prison if he agrees to go undercover and gather evidence on a notorious crime lord.

l Clifton Shores, Vuzu, 21.00

Quinton invites Destiny to a club opening when she is left at home alone after all the girls go out without her. The Quintessential team organises a golf day for Quinton’s mining associates. Kathy is upset with Katy after their fight at the club. Katy’s getting irritating phone calls from Kathy’s boyfriend in LA, Shawn. Judd asks Kathy to choose between him and Shawn. Jamillette decides to throw a house party with a Mexican theme and Destiny finds herself the odd one out when all the girls turn against her. She doesn’t know why until Kathy tells her Katy is poisoning all the girls against her.

l Nurse Jackie, M-Net, 23.00

Jackie’s marriage is reaching tipping point, as is her relationship with O’Hara after the intervention. Akalitus warns the staff that hospitals in the area have been closed down, straining the staff and the resources. Zoey publicly confesses to her affair with Lenny.