l America’s Planned War on Britain, Discovery World, 20.05

In the 200 years since the American Revolution, the US and Great Britain have become firm allies. However, a top secret document found in the US National Archive suggests the establishment of the “special relationship” was not as smooth as once thought. Details of an offensive strategy known as War Plan Red suggest America, fearing and resenting the scale of the British Empire, developed a plan to provoke Britain into all-out war by invading Canada. Investigating the proposed implementation of this plot, this special reveals how close War Plan Red came to realisation.

l Barefoot In Paris, Food Network, 20.10

It’s a mouth-watering adventure as Ina Garten shows you the best of Paris, then shares her secrets for French food made easy. Ina reveals how to create simple yet elegant French dishes.

l iNkaba, Mzansi Magic, 20.30

Kwezi has to decide if he should help his old friend with his business, even if it means he is in partnership with Miranda, his new enemy. Lizzie conspires with Slindile to try to drive Nomsa away from Mzi’s house.

l Blue Mountain State, Vuzu, 22.30

The team learn they will be playing for the National Championship, but first they have to get past the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), which tries to prevent BMS from placing Blackwell in the game.