Alexis Bledel as Stacey with Jason Ritter as Gavin in the comedy, Us and Them.

• Us & Them, M-Net, 18.00

After a six-month online romance, two people decide to meet and start a relationship. First they must navigate their crazy families and equally crazy friends.

• The Neighbors, M-Net Series Zone, 20.30

Megan Park joins the cast in the recurring role of Jane. Talk show host Jerry Springer makes a cameo. As the summer winds down, Amber and Reggie reveal to their families that they have been dating. Jackie calls for a family conference at which both families vote on whether the couple can stay together. Things approach fever pitch until Abby interrupts with a speech about how Reggie is the only person to ever make Amber smile. Then, just as the families are about to embrace the relationship, an unexpected guest arrives to compete for Reggie’s affections.

• Extant, M-Net, 21.30

Convinced the agency has her baby, Molly is determined to find out where. Meanwhile, John discovers new and startling advancements in Ethan’s programming. Kern holds Kryger hostage in an attempt to recover the incriminating video he stole from the Isea.

• Preachers of LA, M-Net Series Reality, 23.30

Pastors are the iconic people to look up to in the pulpit, but wait until they get home. This reality series explores the lives of preachers in their most natural habitat: their home lives. Even these powerful men have a human side.