Tatiana Maslany plays several clones in Lifetimes sci-fi, Orphan Black.

• Real Housewives of Atlanta, Vuzu, 19.30

Kenya plans a masquerade ball for charity. Porsha pins her hopes on a career as an actress on her audition for Kandi’s musical. Mama Joyce’s meddling returns with a vengeance, forcing Kandi to face what might be the biggest challenge to her fragile relationship with Todd.

• Renovate My Place, The Style Network, 19.45

Join interior designer Kia Steave-Dickerson as she uses her talents in design and textiles to create spaces that are sleek, stylish and creative.

• Orphan Black, Lifetime, 20.00

Sarah is a streetwise outsider on the run from a bad relationship and painfully separated from her daughter. When an eerily similar-looking stranger commits suicide in front of her, Sarah sees a potential solution to all her problems by assuming the dead woman’s identity and clearing out her bank account. But instead, she stumbles into a conspiracy thriller that leaves her racing for answers to find out who she and the other woman really are.

• Perfect Storms, National Geographic Channel, 20.05

On rare occasions natural and human forces collide to provoke disaster and change the world for ever. We travel the world to investigate the biggest and most consequential disasters of all time. To understand why they occurred and what it was like to experience them first-hand, you have to pick them apart piece by piece. Perfect Storms will use these same high-tech tools and investigative techniques to explore the biggest disasters of the past, some of which have not been covered on television before.