The Nelson Mandela 100 tribute Pop-Up Channel will run from July 18 on channel 199 at 7pm for five days. Picture: Juda Ngwenya/Reuters

July 18 marks a historic day, not only in SA but the world. This is the day a legend was born, and he would have turned 100 years old. 

To pay tribute to Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s most beloved statesman and Nobel Peace Prize winner, a tribute pop-up channel is in the making. DStv’s Mandela 100 tribute Pop-Up Channel will run from July 18 on channel 199 at 7pm for five days.

The channel has curated a host of exceptional films, documentaries, archive footage and celebrity interviews to run in honour of the extraordinary life and legacy of Tata Madiba. The channel will paint a powerful picture of what it meant to be Madiba – and what Madiba has meant to the world.

At 8pm on the day, the channel will also run a new director’s cut in the form of the landmark film The Long Walk to Freedom (2013), based on Mandela’s autobiography which focuses on his early life and 27 years in prison, and stars Idris Elba.

On the final evening, a true to life depiction of South Africa’s victory at the 1995 Rugby World Cup will be screened.

Other shows on the channel will include:

The Face of Unity -  a documentary with previously unscreened footage and tributes from former US President Barack Obama; golf legend Jack Nicklaus; musical genius Ray Charles, and Hollywood luminaries Samuel L. Jackson and George Lucas.

In the Name of Mandela, War and Peace - a summary of the political history of South Africa from the time of the discovery of gold in 1886 up to the election of Nelson Mandela as President in 1994.

Mandela’s Unsung Heroes - an account of the Rivonia trial in which some of Nelson Mandela’s fellow accused in the trial, that led to his incarceration on Robben Island, share their memories.

Countdown to Freedom -  Narrated by James Earl Jones and Alfre Woodard, this independent documentary chronicles the behind-the-scenes lead up to the rebirth of a nation and Nelson Mandela's triumph in South Africa’s first free elections.

The Mandela 100 Tribute Pop-Up Channel starts Wednesday, July 18 at 7pm on channel 199.