International news journalist, Jane Dutton.

International news personality, Jane Dutton, has returned to South African after 25 years abroad. 

Dutton is set to host a news talk show starting on Monday, July 16 at 8pm. The show, titled Tonight with Jane Dutton will feature top newsmakers engaging on the current issues facing South Africa. Dutton has worked all over the world for the globe's top news stations, including Al Jazeera, CNN, BBC World and CNBC.

We chatted to Dutton to find out more about the show. 

Tell us more about Tonight with Jane Dutton?

It’s a talk show and it’s going to be very interactive, we are going to have politicians to music bands to people who are making a difference on the streets. We will be focusing on stories that are not necessarily on the news, or those that have been overlooked. Viewers can connect with us via social media and also get involved in the conversation.

How do you think your experience abroad will help you present the best stories?

I’ve kept on top of South African news even while travelling. I think working especially at Al Jazeera has taught me to tell the story from a people's viewpoint and not get consumed by the story. I also know that with politicians it’s really hard to get a straight answer but that’s what we looking for, so it’s my job to make sure we get those answers. And please excuse me if I come across to harsh.

What are some of the local stories South Africans should be keeping an eye on?

Corruption is massive. South Africans need to be honest. I think even though the Zuma-Gupta saga has died down, I believe that this is going to still be a huge problem for a long time to come. So we shouldn’t forget about this.

Bombs, is this a new type of crime, is it psychological or a start of an organised terror? And is South Africa covered in case ISIS is involved in this? South Africans should keep a close eye on this.

What’s your thoughts on how we present news in South Africa?

I’ve been listening to the radio and watching talk shows, and I am very impressed with the way interviews are conducted. The hosts/presenters are fantastic. The core of the story is well presented and they do it in an eloquent manner. I do however feel reporting on the ground is a bit outdated, but this could be due to a number of factors like funding.  

What do you find interesting about SA news compared to abroad?

South Africa has never shied away from telling the entire story. They tell it like it is and expose everything they can, unlike overseas, where things are swept under the carpet.

Why should we watch Tonight with Jane Dutton?

I want to present a fair talk show. And really get a rhythm going. I’ve already been fantasizing about the kinds of interviews I want to have. I’m excited to get interactive with viewers through social media, I want them to be open and honest and let us know what’s happening. I’m also ready to learn stuff that I don’t know about. It’s going to be fun and very insightful.

Catch Jane Dutton on Tonight with Jane Dutton airs live every weeknight at 8pm on eNCA (DStv 403).