Remember when the Guinness World Book of Records was the authority of lists? Today, if you have access to the internet and a bag full of opinions you can make your Top 5, 10, 100 and beyond, of anything you like and be guaranteed someone will read it.

Okay, getting people to click on your blog or tumblr or whatever new space you’ve found on the worldwide web may be a bit tricky, but you also have to play the game.

You have to be clever and pepper your list with provocative words that may actually have nothing to do with your boring list and you’re guaranteed to have someone clicking on your list. Thank me later.

With that said, everyone can make lists of anything and if they don’t end up on the internet, then, if the list is eyebrow-raising enough, it may be a TV show in the making.

Like Fox Entertainment’s Top 20. The countdown of the most weird, shocking, idiotic and outrageous video clips proved so successful with audiences there is now a second season.

This season will feature 20 visual representations of idiocy. From the worst drivers on US roads to a simple act like walking your dog turning into a near-fatal stroll, this show has the clips that will make you go: “I didn’t know that was actually possible.” And not in a good way.

The lists just keep on getting more outrageous and more far-left by the minute. So if we’re not careful, we may soon see a Top 20 list of actions that are totally normal because, at the rate we’re going, there will be a few of those left.

lThe second season of Top 20 starts on Fox Entertainment (Top TV channel 180) on December 19 at 8.15pm