South African housemates Keagan and Lee on stage during the launch of Big Brother Stargame, held in Johannesburg, South Africa on Sunday 6 May 2012. ( Photo: Cobus Bodenstein.)

It is kind of odd to have a weekend without the drama of an elimination. We lost a lot of people last week, so the remaining contestants were given some time to “rest”.

Outside the house, word’s been going around that DKB, the violent one, is on the verge of losing his job back home.

He has apologised a million times, but some human rights groups and women’s interests groups weren’t listening.

While I understand their anger, I find it interesting that no one is saying anything to Zenaib. Why is it, when it comes to the blame game, that the woman is never reprimanded?

Yes, DKB did the unbelievable, but the attack on her was not premeditated. She went out of her way to anger him, but no one has said anything about that. Kudos to Big Brother for sending her off, unlike the Lerato incident.


The despised machine was brought in on Sunday and the lot fell on SA’s Keegan and Lee and Namibia’s Jessica and Junia.

The girls cried upon hearing the news, but they were okay in no time. The guys took it like men, but we all know they are hurting inside.

Jessica, who is more talkative since her compatriot has been quiet, is probably hoping to get the sympathy votes. Junia and Lee are neither here nor there, so it is hard to tell whether Africa will keep them in.

Keegan, on the other hand, is a loose canon. He has been cussing at everybody from day one, treating them like children.

If the nominations were up to the housemates I am sure they’d have done away with him ages ago.

Let’s see how SA views his progress so far. Between you and me, I think the loudmouth is going to continue cussing someone, only outside the house.


It is great to see Barbz get down off her high horse and be part of the team.

She is also looking well for someone who is, in her own words, “eating like a pig”.

The funny thing is that she refers to her relationship with Keitta as that of a brother and sister. She claims they get along because he is a model, too, and reminds her of her younger brother.

But that’s Barbz for you. Somehow no one in the house is good enough. When Roki started his advances, she later described him as someone who reminded her of her puppy. Right.


As Upville rests this week, we are set for a lot of drama from Downville.

I see Keegan giving his housemates a hell of a time before his time is up and if, by any chance, he makes it off the chopping block, we will be in for it.

I hope the girls do not leave, and if they do, at least one of them should stay and move up to the celebrities.

Oh, and a note to Big Brother: please make the eviction show a little more interesting, those dancers cannot be the best you have to offer.

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