Johnny Weir has never been a stranger to skating on thin ice – whether he’s designing side-eye-worthy outfits, skirting the sexuality issue or showing off while skating. The three-time US National Figure Skating Champ has always been associated with all things OTT.

If it’s outrageous and turns heads in the figure skating world, you could bet your bottom rand the 28-year-old was in the thick of it. So it’s as no surprise the pint-sized prince of drama would get his own reality show. Called Be Good Johnny Weir, the second season of this docu-series started in the US last month but it will make its South African debut on Top TV’s Star! channel tomorrow.

This reality series picks up where Weir has hung up his ice skates. After years of scooping up awards, he decided he wouldn’t be skating competitively in the year of our soccer world cup. Weir decided he wouldn’t be competing in 2010 and also decided to skip this year’s games, but fans of the sport need not despair. Weir wants to make a comeback next year but for now, he must figure out who he is when the skates are off.

So he goes the New York route. He tries his hand at a whole bunch of different career paths and the cameras are there for every potentially dramatic try. We know that eventually Weir will try to make an album. If Amber Rose could come out with a decent single there’s no reason why things can’t go in Weir’s favour either. Thank-fully, music is not the basket Weir will be putting all his eggs in.

He’ll also be re-entering the world of fashion design. When things start off tomorrow though, you’ll get the best seats in the house when it comes to Weir’s main career. You’ll get to see him triumph and fail and eventually come to the decision to branch out.

• Be Good Johnny Weir starts on Star! (TopTV Channel 179) on Tuesday at 4pm.