Film Guide - March 9, 2012

By Time of article published Mar 9, 2012

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God’s Faithful Servant: Barla: Limited release of Turkey’s first feature length animated film which tells the story of Muslim scholar Said Nursî, also known as Master Bediuzzaman. (Not reviewed)

John Carter: Based on Edgar Rice Burrough’s old school sci-fi pulp, heavy on the CGI with gorgeous locations, multi-limbed aliens and skimpily clothed heroes. What more do you want? *** TS

Project X: Teenage high school debauchery is had in a massive party blowout that causes the biggest mayhem in town. ** TG

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: Excellent ensemble cast and tight directing turns John le Carre’s Cold War spy novel into a classy puzzle of a thriller with a great soundtrack. **** TS

Travelling Light: National Theatre production written by South African Nicholas Wright and starring local born Antony Sher. Set in the 1900s in a remote village in Eastern Europe, this play tells the story of a young Motl Mendl and his road to becoming a famed American film director. Screens Saturday to Thursday. (Not reviewed)

Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked: The third film about the animated chipmunks sees them go on a cruise and get shipwrecked with the Chipettes. (Not reviewed)

Chronicle: Fresh and gripping sci-fi film shot in Cape Town where three teenage boys discover crazy super powers. **** TG

Dolphin Tale: Keeping the saccharine to a minimum, this is a sweet story about a dolphin and a boy that the whole family can enjoy. Based on a true story, if you can believe that. *** HR

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close: Depending on your world view this adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer‘s novel of the same name will either melt your heart or make you recoil in horror. So it’s * from IND or **** from LAT

Ghost Rider 2: Nicholas Cage returns to the big screen – and in 3D – as a cheesier Johnny Blaze. *** HH

Hugo: Martin Scorsese’s love of cinema shines through in this ode to the work of Georges Méliès which makes gorgeous use of 3D. ****TS

Jack and Jill: Adam Sandler plays himself, and his twin sister. Badly. * TS

Machine Gun Preacher: The teaming of director Marc Forster and Scottish actor Gerard Butler isn’t enough to salvage this biopic about a reformed drug addict who, in finding God, tries to save the orphaned children of war-torn Sudan. This is one of those instances where truth is stranger than fiction. ** DT

Margin Call: While most of us don’t even begin to understand the financial markets, this is a smart story combined with the sassiest cast to unpack the 2008 Wall Street free fall. It plays like a thriller which tells a story that impacts all our lives. ****DdB

Material: Serio-comedy set in the Muslim community of Fordsburg, with stand-up comedy alternating a family drama from the director of Jozi. *** TS

Midnight in Paris: Woody Allen has fallen in love with a new city, Paris. Not his most challenging film, but it’s sweetly sentimental and charming. *** TS

My Week With Marilyn: Michelle Williams brings Marilyn Monroe to life in this sweet, insightful drama about the icon’s week spent shooting The Prince and The Showgirl in London. **** HH

Rampart: Woody * arrelson does a brilliant turn as a man who is losing everything he holds dear and there’s nowhere to go but down, swiftly. Something of a character study would have brought more depth to his particular tale. It won’t appeal to either the action-driven junkies or those who want to grapple with the complexity of the story. ** DdB

Safe * ouse: Denzel Washington as a CIA agent gone rogue and Ryan Reynolds tuning SAPS in Afrikaans – all in Cape Town. What’s not to love? **** HH

Semi-soet: This is the second time round for the director and producers and a first attempt at an Afrikaans romantic comedy. Great idea with some cool rhythms, but they need to keep up the hip factor and not fall back on the tried and tired for laughs. *** DdB

The Devil Inside: This demonically derivative faux documentary scares up phony hysterics. * HR

The Sitter: Plays like an R-rated homage to the 1980s comedy Adventures in Babysitting, with some Date Night and lots of filthy humour thrown in. ** WP

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