Crude, is one way to describe Dr Agrippa Goodman Khathide (pictured), the man who is unafraid to speak his mind. Then again, open-minded people would call him honest and brave.

As you will see on Top Gospel’s Uncensored, the man is as direct as you won’t believe on the subject of sex. Everything you may want to talk about in one way or another finds it’s way to sex talk. For instance, when I told him my name was Munya, he was quick to point out that though it was a Shona name, in Zulu “Munya” would mean “to suck”. No points for guessing where he was taking this conversation. From now on I am Munyaradzi.

But I soldiered on, understanding along the way that Dr Khathide is our very own Dr Phil.

Uncensored is a talk show that invites couples with sexual problems to wash their dirty linen in public in the hope of solutions from the good doctor.

“We try to get people to talk openly,” he said.

“I find it funny that couples that have been together for the longest time have sex without even saying a single word to each other. In some cases men talk about how, after years of marriage, they still can’t get it in and they ejaculate outside. Also I have so many cases where women come to me and say they have never reached an orgasm,” he said.

Before you cringe you probably want to understand his perspective and justification for being the one to take on such an interesting job.

“You get women who are unfaithful and their justification is that they are not getting proper healthy sex at home. There are women who tell you they feel like objects at home and so I educate them and their partners on how to improve their sex life. My point is, if HIV is spread through sex we can’t stop it if there are a lot of sexually unsatisfied people out there,” he explained.

And sometimes he works wonders with his information.

“I had a couple that had been together for 30 years and when we had a chat, the husband, who is a pastor, came back to me to say he could not believe what he was missing out on,” said a chuckling Khathide.

He too is a member of the clergy and his TV job has divided Christians, with some of his peers saying Uncensored goes against the essence of being a Christian.

Some doctrines view sex as a holy matrimonial subject that should be discussed and practised in the bedroom alone.

“They [some pastors] said that I had a false calling and some even… called me a satanist. But I stand by what I say. I have made some CDs where I talk about these things and they went platinum in sales. If people did not like this subject, why am I selling so many [CDs]?”

• Uncensored airs on Top Gospel on Mondays at 9pm.