I love my men’s magazines which, in South Africa, means Men’s Health and GQ. They offer intelligent writing, useful advice and decent pin-up posters.

However, as much as I enjoy this content in print, it is difficult to watch it on screen. We have had numerous “macho” shows over the years and you get the feeling they are made by people who love these magazines too.

Perhaps the third season of SABC1’s Bar-One Manhunt will capture the excitement men’s mags usually pack. The show looks for poster boys, the guys who make us feel bad about our physiques, and tries to find out if they have some sort of talent to go with their looks.

The men are chosen from across the country to compete in challenges that are a mix between what you see on Takeshi’s Castle and Million Dollar Drop – and everything in between.

The show is hosted by Howza, who is also buff enough to be a contestant. After sifting through all possible contenders, only 16 guys have made the cut and we will tell you who they are, what they do and how that might help (or hinder) them in advancing in the game.

Fadeen Mia – Benoni

This 29-year-old is a former Mr South Africa finalist who juggles his project manager day job with acting and modelling on the side. If we were to go on looks alone, then this brother is a good contender.

Hilkia Jacobs – Joburg

This 32-year-old engineer is not afraid to get his hands dirty. On Bar-One Manhunt, any task can be thrown your way so with his job that dictates the use of brawn and brain, he’ll be just fine.

Jefferson Lan – Cape Town

Lan hails from Oranjezicht and is a martial arts instructor and personal trainer. We are talking Billy Blanks material here. At 23, it is interesting that Lan could easily be the most dangerous man in the group. We are yet to decide how his talent could apply to this non-violent show.

Johan Westervelt – Centurion

Mr Software Engineer joins the group as another Einstein. However, like Lan, he is also into martial arts and is an Africa Games heavyweight kickboxing champ. I don’t want to be in the room when these men disagree.

Jonathan Jonkerman – Durban

A huge fan of The Hulk, Jonkerman hints that like his comic book hero, he is full of internal surprises. Professionally he is a rugby coach who also enjoys playing music and doing motivational speaking. Just like The Hulk, he, too, has a softer side.

Kimo Abrahams – Cape Town

This 34-year-old is another personal trainer who also works as a salesman. So while training you he could probably pull out a tin of whey protein and sell it to you. It should be interesting to see how his talents help him in this competition.

Manqoba Kubheka – Benoni

There is R500 000 on the line for the winner, and this 25-year-old already has plans for it – building a house for his parents. Professionally he is a business owner and auditor who enjoys jazz music.

Oz Lupuwana – Joburg

As a global brands beer merchant it is easy to make friends with other beer-drinking men. Lupuwana might use this to his advantage.

Bongs Ndima – Joburg

Coming from the scenic Marshalltown, it makes sense that Ndima is a video editor. The 29-year- old believes in cherishing each day. It is unclear what will give him the edge on the show.

Sibusiso Khomola-ka-James – Durban

Let’s not talk about that name. Rather, let’s focus on the fact that this man is deemed the smallest in the game. However, we all know that dynamite comes in small packages so there is no point in underestimating the man.

Smith Mangena – Soweto

This 37-year-old underwriting assistant loves writing poetry about anything from God to nature. He is easily the oldest, but takes care of himself so well you can’t tell.

Steven Michelsen – Cape Town

Another model, Michelsen adds film-making and surfing to his resumé, making him stand alone. Surfing does tone the body and with the Bar-One Manhunt activities being hectic sometimes, his fit body will stand him in good stead.

Johannes Mapalakanye – Midrand

When this 28-year-old heard he was being considered for the show, he took one month’s unpaid leave and postponed his wedding. Now if that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.

Zwelandile Magaya – East London

They call this guy “the gentle giant”, but there will be times that he will have to snap out of it. Then again, he is a cop so he doesn’t need to be told how to handle himself.

Scotty Boyden – Cape Town

Boyden is a restaurant owner who is known to be the mischievous one in the group. He lives by the mantra: live as long as you want, but don’t want as long as you live.

Teboho Malatola – Vosloorus

At only 24, Malatola is a facilities manager by day and a bike enthusiast by night. He owns two bikes, making him an adrenalin junkie. Bar-One Manhunt likes adrenalin junkies.

May the best man win.

• Bar-One Manhunt starts on Tuesday at 9pm on SABC1.