While it is still warm, it is not a bad idea to check out some familiar hot bodies in the sun.

This time the location is Jamaica and a bunch of celebrities and regular folk will be battling it out for a cool R1 million over the next few weeks, in the Tropika Island of Treasure (TIOT) competition.

Being the fifth season of the successful reality show, TIOT keeps getting better by the year.

Last year a little-known musician, Nolan Jonathan, who was an unlikely winner, walked away with the grand prize and his life hasn’t been the same since.

However, this year is a little different because the calibre of the celebrities who are taking part is nothing short of very competitive. Take AKA, for instance: his very being says that he’d like to win.

From making hit songs such as Victory Lap you know that all that’s in the man’s mind is coming out tops. He is agile, sharp and there is a lot of uncertainty as to what he is thinking as he can be rather quiet.

But equally agile is Da Les, who can match AKA in just about anything except hit singles at the moment. Da Les has an infectious personality, too, but can be cunning when need be. He loves people so it won’t be surprising to see him bond with the plebs.

His stage presence at live gigs proves that he is in the prime of his life as far as fitness goes. On TIOT that could count for something if you have to run in the mountains or something Kunta Kinte like that. Last year’s winner was no Jean Claude van Damme, but he took it.

Mario “Abs-are-us” Ogle makes things interesting for the guys. Although they don’t say it out loud, they are not really keen to be topless when the Durbanite is around them. As I type this, Ogle is probably doing sit-ups somewhere, so if this was a Mr Tropika 2013 contest the winner would be obvious.

Then we move on to the girls where the hottest body must be a tie between Phuti Khomo and Pearl Thusi. The two also have the diva spirit of competitiveness, making life hard for those around them.

While Thusi will embrace all the people around her, Khomo wants you to know who she is so she will probably be a bit on the stand-offish side of things. In our last interview she did say that she hoped people would remember the line between celebrity and non-celebrities. So no love for the plebs from this diva, which may make her a target come eviction time.

Jay Anstey is by far the prettiest of the batch – and she knows it. A couple of guys on the plebville streets professed their love for her. She is most probably going to use this to her advantage and her Jamaican stay will be comfortable with a bump on her wallet when she returns.

However, the most underrated celebrity contestant is Reeva Steenkamp who, at first sight, may appear frail and less intimidating. Her good and almost baby looks make her appear “'harmless”, but in the Amazon, not all cute little creatures are harmless. She has a plan up her sleeve and is not going to give up until she has executed it.

Anyone of these celebrities could be a millionaire before winter arrives. Who it will be can, of course, be discovered on the show which starts this weekend.

To make things interesting the celebrities will face seven non-celebrities who are also vying for the cash.

Let the games begin.

• Tropika Island of Treasure 5 airs this Saturday, at 6.30pm, on SABC1.