PSYCHO ALERT: Zodwa (Xoli Zondi) is back on SABC1s Generations and this time she isnt alone  she has a bun in the oven.

The storyline is pregnant with scandalous possibilities now that Zodwa (Xoli Zondi) is back on SABC1’s Generations. Debashine Thangevelo gets the lowdown on the brewing drama… especially with baby’s daddy, Nicholas Nomvete, in denial.

THERE iS nothing like a little bit of crazy to get the storyline going on a soap. Remember Sheila Carter and her certifiable shenanigans on The Bold and the Beautiful? And, on home soil, Pamela Nomvete took deranged to a frighteningly brilliant level as the cunning Ntsiki Lukhele on SABC1’s Generations.

The void left by her departure continues to be felt.

Thankfully, we have characters like Zodwa (Xoli Zondi) to create ripples of drama with her maniacal behaviour.

Just when we thought she was keeping a low profile in KwaZulu-Natal, we learn that Zodwa is making her way back to Jozi.

Zondi says: “With Zodwa, when I leave to go back to KZN, there is always room to come back. I kind of expect it as she is an interesting character. So when I got that call, I was excited. I really enjoy this character.”

Aside from the fact that Zodwa gives Zondi lots of room to play with as an actress, this role is special as it was her breakthrough TV role and her debut outing on a soap.

A drama studies graduate from the Durban University of Technology, Zondi honed her craft in theatre, but gravitated towards TV, as most eventually do, with Family Bonds providing her a platform in 2007.

During her sabbatical from Generations, the actress did a 13-part comedy series called Single Galz and a couple of dramas for Mzansi Magic and

She notes: “In the one show, I played a maid. In the second one, I played a wife and mother who was in love with her brother-in-law. In the show, I was a Zulu language expert who fell in love with a British guy.”

In other words, Zondi has been a busy woman on the acting side of things.

As for her Generations comeback, she offers: “She is heavily pregnant – about to pop. Because it has been so long, Nicholas doesn’t believe the baby is his. So she comes back with a whole lot of baby mama drama.”

On why Zodwa is so hung-up on Nicholas, she laughs: “She believes he is her soul mate and that they were destined to be together. Of course, she lacks logic. Although he makes it very clear that he doesn’t love her, she believes he will ‘develop feelings’ along the way.”

That he comes from the influential Nomvete family doesn’t seem to hold much sway over her.

“Zodwa is not intimidated by anyone, especially when it comes to Nicholas,” she points out.

“There is really nothing anyone can do about it. It is like being angry at a child for not knowing the language. Yes, she gets on everyone’s nerves, but she is oblivious to it as she is concerned only with chasing after the man of her dreams.”

Thankfully, Khetiwe sees something in Zodwa and tries to give her “friendly advice” to steer clear of Nicholas.

Zodwa, however, is too hell-bent on getting her heart’s desire to pay much attention to her.

Before assuming that impending motherhood will change her, think again.

“I think Zodwa is the one character you can take anywhere,” she shares. “She previously came back as a prophetess. Anything is possible with her. Even though there is a child in the picture, she ensures the baby is not an obstruction. Khetiwe is the only person who tolerates and sympathises with her. Even in telling Zodwa to go home because Nicholas doesn’t love her – it is done as Khetiwe’s way of protecting her.”

And for the next three months, aficionados can watch the baby drama saga play out.

As far as Zondi is concerned “anything is possible with her (Zodwa)”. Exciting stuff!

• Xoli Zondi reprises her role as Zodwa on SABC1’s Generations in the first week of August. Catch it weekdays at 8pm.