Dr Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo)
Dr Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo)

'Grey's Anatomy' has a new doc scrubbing in, and I'm kind of disappointed

By Carmelita Fredericks Time of article published Aug 24, 2018

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Television's long-running US medical drama "Grey's Anatomy" recently announced that a new doctor will be scrubbing in season 15, and while I have no qualms with Chris Carmack — best known for his roles in "The OC" and "Nashville" — his not the one I was rooting for.

Remember when Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) saved Dr Nick Marsh's life? We were all so sure Shonda Rhimes was setting the scene for Grey's new love interest after Scott Speedman guest-starred as the dying doctor only for Grey to save him so he could return to woo her in season 15. 

Ellen Pompeo and Scott Speedman.

Well, that ain't happening.

During the Felicity 20-year reunion panel at ATX Television Festival in June, Speedman weighed in on his future TV acting plans — or lack thereof.

"I don't know. Probably not. Sorry." he said when a fan asked if he'd be back for more Grey's episodes. "You're going to have to wait a couple years. I'll find something to do."

And this was confirmed in July when the Grey's Anatomy official Twitter page introduced to fill Dr Calliope Torres (Sara Ramirez) role as the new orthopaedic surgeon.

At least Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) and April Kepner (Sarah Drew) characters weren't killed off in the season 14 finale, so maybe they'll be back? Who knows with Shonda at the helm.

Cast that have been confirmed the new season include Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Gray — obviously), Justin Chambers (Alex Karev), Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey), James Pickens Jr (Richard Webber), Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt), Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery), Caterina Scorsone (Amelia Shepherd), Camilla Luddington (Jo Wilson), Kelly McCreary (Maggie Pierce) and Giacomo Gianniotti (Andrew DeLuca).

"Grey's Anatomy" season 15 premieres in the US on 27 September.

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