Abongiwe Peter, aka Cozmik, is the youngest Capetonian to appear on TRACE Africa. Photo: Bertram Malgas/Daily Voice
Cape Town - This rapper just made history by becoming the youngest Cape Town - and possibly African - artist to appear on TRACE Africa.

Seventeen-year-old Abongiwe Peter, aka Cozmik, says he felt dope when his music video got aired on TRACE Africa’s popular #BTB (Bout To Blow) segment.

#BTB features fresh new artists making waves on the hip hop scene.

Cozmik in his music video

The Gugulethu rapper says he didn’t even know his debut music video, Pusha Man, was being aired last Friday until an excited friend told him he was on television.

“I actually missed the insert, because I was busy recording, when a friend sent me a message to tell me my music video was featured on TRACE Africa Bout to Blow,” says Abongiwe.

“They were joking saying: ‘We made it, we made it.’ I was so surprised. It was dope to see my video on TV,” he says.

Pusha Man, released last year, is about hungry up and coming rappers doing the daily grind to make it in the local hip hop industry.

Abongiwe’s favourite lines are: “This that focus on my grind, this that waking up waking up at 5 just to record my lines. Late night at a pen and pad perfecting my lines, got to see the profits investing all my time.”

Cozmik was chosen by Good Hope FM to be one of its “Finding The Hype” artists where the track made its radio debut.

The music video, shot in Vasco, was directed by Fabian Vettiger who has worked with established artists like Aewon Wolf, Gemini Major and Locnville.

“We filmed for five hours at one time, from 8am till 11 in the evening,” says Abongiwe.

The rapper says his friends and family were the first to see his video in December and they loved it.

“Their reactions were so cool, because they don’t know of anyone else that did a video like that.”

Abongiwe is currently in matric at Edgemead High School, and must balance his rap career and school work.

“Sometimes it can get hectic, but you need to know how to manage your time. I know there is time to work on my music, and when I am at school, I give all my focus to that,” he says.

He would like to do media studies after school, but first plans to drop a mix-tape later this year.