Hotstix feels brush of cold shoulder

By Munya Vomo Time of article published Mar 18, 2013

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We called it on Clash of the Choirs last week, didn’t we? We said Bra Hotstix was in way beyond his depth and guess who got the chop yesterday? No points for that one. This is in no way an attempt to disrespect the legendary musician.

We all love Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse, but the truth is he has been carried way too far in the show and it was getting ridiculous. It was a good call to send him home, as he wasn’t getting along with his choir.

It was disrespectful for him to miss the rehearsals and come on at the 11th hour to change what had been rehearsed. It was like spitting in RJ Benjamin’s face, as he had supervised the choir in Mabuse’s absence. It also killed the singers’ morale when he imposed his ideas on the choir without any consultation.

It is heartbreaking when the person you possibly looked up to acts arrogantly and is then unapologetic about it.

Zwai Bala also arrived late for practice and tried to brush it off as inconsequential. Come on, there is nothing humiliating about apologising when you are in the wrong. The choir had been left waiting and it was bad manners to arrive late and act as if nothing had happened. It doesn’t matter if you are Zwai Bala of TKZee fame.

Judith Sephuma had the same problem. After finding Benjamin busy with her choir, she blatantly said she had warned them that she wasn’t there to babysit them. But if you are not going to be there then why be part of the show in the first place? We know of a lot of usicians who’d kill for this gig.

Anyway, let’s look at some of what transpired on Sunday.




After some of the members of Mabuse’s choir threatened to leave, the choirmaster told them to go. Okay, so I am not for ultimatums, but there is always a need for inner reflection to see why everyone has a problem with you. A good leader does that and does not say that anyone who wants to leave can do so. That attitude affected the performance and, guess what? A good choir lost out as a result of simple mismanagement. Well done Mabuse, you managed to crush both the kids’ hearts and their dreams in one fell swoop.




Let’s have a moment of silence for Zakes Bantwini (pictured).

That Redemption Song, gooied with some June 16 themes, was melancholic from the outset. The mood in the room was sad and all the female judges cried as they were touched by the performance.

The uniforms, the voices, the rearrangements, everything was on point, so much so that Bantwini was an obvious winner of this episode. In fact, it wasn’t news that he was called out first as one of the safe choirs. Well done to Bantwini.




At the moment the top two acts are Bantwini and Sephuma. Let’s be honest, Khaya Mthethwa has talent, but it did not really show yesterday. If he continues like this he will not be feeling like he did on Idols SA any time soon.

Sephuma knows how to capti- vate the audience each week as she immerses herself in a given song. Bantwini used theatre to evoke emotion from the crowd and if he keeps on reinventing himself like this, he could be the winner of this one.


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