The cast of 'Housekeepers'. Picture: Supplied
So, maqabs (folks), we all watched Monday night's episode of "Housekeepers" trying to understand just how it happens that Eunice, who died some two episodes ago has risen from the dead, Jesus style. 

It turns out that the good Mr. Zwide, in the midst of attempting to silence the troublesome Eunice actually decided to pay her off. 

It seems, after that unfortunate suffocating incident, Eunice came to, begged Zwide not to kill her and then left with an understanding between the two that she would never return.

But her departure was shortlived as she returned to the Zwide mansion to warn them that Linda had gotten a confession out of her, and was planning to use it to clear June’s name. 

This is when the wicked witch of the South, oh sorry, Boni whacked her at the back of her head with a shovel. She was bleeding from her nose and the commentary from Linda suggested that she’s dead. So she's dead for real this time. Guess, her return was shortlived too.

I must be honest, I was a tad annoyed by this little plot twist because I am not attracted to things that play too far off the scale of reality. Television must always be entertaining, but it must never, never disrespect the intellect of the viewer. 

And while I'm not too impressed by the Eunice plot twist, you will still find me in my favourite chair on Monday at 8pm to watch the next episode of "Housekeeps".