Wild-haired Idols contestant Freddie van’Dango reportedly had his jaw broken in a fight with a “cage fighter”. The incident took place in the early hours of Saturday morning in Greenside.

Though M-Net spokesperson Lani Lombard denied that Van’Dango’s jaw was broken, saying that the popular singer was only injured, there are serious doubts as to whether Van’Dango will be able to attend tonight’s Idols results show.

According to Lombard, M-Net is “taking their cues from the doctor to see whether Freddie will be able to attend the Idols results show. The doctor has already confirmed that Freddie should be fit to sing in the next round”.

Van’Dango and his fellow top eight contestants were allowed a night on the town, without any security, on Friday after a flu bug hit the Idols house in Northcliff.

According to timeslive.co.za, witnesses say Van’Dango and a friend became involved in an argument with a DJ at a Greenside bar over the music he was playing.

“He and one of his friends went and had words with the DJ. They [Van'Dango and his friend] started screaming and shouting,” claims the eyewitness.

At that point, another man, believed to be a “cage fighter” apparently intervened. A fight broke out, and everyone involved was asked to leave, but the altercation continued in the street, leaving Van’Dango badly hurt.

“Freddie and his friends picked a fight with the wrong people,” said another person at the scene, who did not want to be named.

Van’Dango spent the night in hospital, and is now recovering at his parents’ home.

On Facebook yesterday, his father reported that Van'Dango was “brutally attacked in Greenside early on Saturday morning”.

“We are committed that Freddie continue his Idols dream and not be a victim!” he added.