Idols SA's Top 3

In-house mentor, RJ Benjamin's predictions of Terra Cox being in danger seemed to have come true.

Terra was excluded out of the competition last Sunday, regardless of him staying on top of his game and being the most popular on people's lips, proving that this competition is anyone's game.

Before his exit, we were treated to a lovely duet from the 4 contestants.

Tebogo and Thami paired together for an Elton John and George Michael song 'Don’t let the song go down on me' .

Leaving Noma and Terra to pair with each other to sing 'Hurt You' by Babyface and Toni Braxton.

The surviving three contestants sang two songs each, mostly ballets to Somizi’s disappointment.

First to perform Tebogo sang Zahara’s ‘Lengoma’ in the first round and Michael Jackson’s ‘You are not Alone’ in the second.

Gareth was really impressed saying, “You guys really delivered tonight. Great song choice.

“I got to point out with you, your range is extraordinary. To be able to hit the notes that you hit and go nice and low is incredible, it is a very very special gift,” he said.

Somgaga was truly impressed as well saying Tebogo nailed it. “Tebogo, from Zahara’s song Ingoma, you nailed it 100%, your tone and everything. You did justice to the song.

Referring to his journey on Idols he said, “You have done your best and your best is good enough. And you deserve a woooooo shem. Well done.”

Unathi “I am emotional because when you and Thami got onto stage, the first thing that Gareth said to me is ‘Look at these two rejects owning this show and owning this season.’ So that got us started on an emotional level….I remember saying to you a couple of weeks ago, thank you for reminding us that you are the only person that plays the guitar. And then at the last minute you say ‘I am the only person who can play the piano too’,”. She continues to say, “You are making all the right decisions at the right time. Perfect song choice with Zahara. Thank you for doing us justice for fighting for you.”

Randall “Tebogo, it’s been a very intriguing season in that a number of people peak too soon. A number of people had their best performances a long time ago and they are not here tonight.

In the top three, any of your three can win. Not only is it about your fans but about this choices you make and tonight you have made the right choices.

Second on stage Thami took on an Adele’s cover of ‘To make you feel my Love’ and allowed his old soul come to play with Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s get it On’.

“Well done. Well done for making it this far. I think you deserve to be here. Thami, I enjoy your voice I enjoy your tone. My plea to you moving forward bring everything that you have never done before. Bring everything, don’t leave anything behind,” Somizi said.

Unathi equally had good words for him. “Thami, it’s been an absolute privilege to see you grow and evolve on that stage. Between the Marvin Gaye and Adele, your song choice was perfect. You took care of the younger market and the older market tonight. Good luck to next week. Somizi is right, all three of you deserve to be in that finale. Maybe this is the time to re-look the format and maybe we should have a three people finale. Congratulations, you have done everything that you can. See you next week.

Randall looks forward to his performance next week.

Two out of four predictions of him being in the finale from the judges.

Noma took on a Kelly Price song “As we Lay” which did not hit the spot for most of the judges. Her second song choice ‘Daddy’s Lessons’ by Beyoncé surely made up for the earlier disaster.

Unathi said, “Click click boom Noma Click click boom. You killed it. As the last queen standing I need to lay down before you as you requested with Kelly Price and just say I am so proud of you for still standing here. Deserving to be here and still fighting.

“You are also guaranteed with your brilliant song choice and your brilliant performance week after week that you will also be here on the finale. So maybe we should have a three man’s finale. Well done. So proud of you. So happy.

Randall said, “It’s anybody’s game. While it is anybody’s game, it is about the performances. This song of Beyoncé absolutely worked but in the case of Kelly price, it’s almost like driving the most technologically sophisticated sports car but you can’t fall in love with it. It works, it drives, but you are not in love with it. And I think next week, you are going to learn exactly what I am saying.

Somizi was so excited with the Beyoncé cowboy song that he did a little head twirl. Not so successful but got everyone chuckling, as usual.

This week’s guest artist was Season 10’s Idol’s contestant who won a MAMA award recently, Shekinah featured in a new Black Coffee song. “This is a great place to be at, because of Idols, it pushed me to do what I wanted to do so thank you Idols,” she said in excitement. Winner of this year’s competition wins prices worth 1.2 million, including a recording deal from Gallo, 350 000 cash from Telkom, a Ford Fiesta car and another R350 000 cash from Mzansi Magic.