Cast of iKhaya. Picture: Supplied

Last week on iKhaya, Eddie’s first daughter, 18 year old, Mosima fled her home in order to be closer to her dad and to attend Wits instead of Turfloop University. 

Landani’s secret was discovered when his sister opened his room door and found him and Swizz in a rather awkward position. 

Zenzi used drugs to take away her pain. And Frank gave Eddie an ultimatum of giving him the job as CFO at Mbata Logistics or risk his biggest, darkest secret being revealed. 

Cassper Nyovest gets dragged for flexing

And the story continues…

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on the storyline, it’s ready to quick show you that you don’t. Don’t get me wrong, there are some bits of the puzzle that the viewer can put together, but it’s always refreshing to be surprised now and then. 

This week’s episode showed us that even the most righteous women can have hidden feelings. I’m talking about Raisibe. After hearing a mouthful of words from Eddie for not taking better care and watching over Mosima, she quickly turns to Tokelo for comfort and he has no problem providing it to her. 

He tells her that Eddie is not the same man she married 18 years ago and that he was more like her husband than Eddie ever was.

Then when Raisibe sees him trying to make an extra move, her morals and values of being a married woman kicks in and she quickly ends it. 

Meanwhile, although Eddie is busy looking for his daughter, he is forced to give Frank the thumbs up on hiring him as an employee of Mabata Logistics with a title that’s still be be discussed with Cebile.  

What was most interesting in this episode was when Mosima is confronted by a bunch of arrogant teens at her new university. 

They picked on her innocent demeanor and her clothes when she asks for directions - but Landani was quick to rescue her. 

He said something like, ‘by the way, I’m Landani, but you can call me Curry, everyone calls me Curry’ - at this point the butterflies in Mosima’s tummy was flattering so fast she could have had a heart attack. I can’t wait to see this friendship flourish. 

Will Eddie carry on lying to the two families, or will he man up and tell the truth? 

Will Raisibe and Tokelo continue having their here and there romantic moments? 

And will Mosimo and Landani ever find out that they could possibly be siblings? 

Let’s tune in next week to find out. 

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