Home is where the heart is but when you’re rich and famous, home is wherever you lay your head at night. This is often in the lap of luxury.

Top TV’s Fine Living channel displays the best that the world’s hotels have to offer in Extreme Hotels which will air in June.

In the light of all the Jubilee madness, we saw Royal Holiday Homes on Fine Living last weekend but the show will be repeated on June 6.

It follows the expensive taste of the British royal family and where they love to make their homes when they are on holiday. Extreme Hotels isn’t just about where the monarchy chooses to go though.

This show features places that anyone with six figures in their bank balance can travel to and be treated like a queen or king. The hotels featured on the show go from unusual to downright weird, such as the Cave Hotel which is an underground abode in New Mexico that allows one to live like a member of The Flintstones.

The Tram Hotel in Holland sees the main bedrooms turned into trams and trains. You know, for those people who are going places with their talents. Ha!

In the west of England there is a place called the Lighthouse Hotel which has a whopping 120 steps that lead to the main dwelling areas. If you’re afraid of heights you may want to use some of the money you’d have used to pay for this hotel to get yourself some therapy to get over your fears.

There is also the Yotel Hotel at London’s Gatwick airport, but don’t be fooled. Just because it’s called Yotel, doesn’t mean it’s where all the rappers stay when they are away from home. It’s actually a futuristic take on hotels where functionality and design are the main characteristics.

If you can think of a really weird hotel, Extreme Hotels probably has it covered.

• Extreme Hotels airs on Fine Living (Top TV Channel 451) on Sundays at 10.40am and 3.50pm.