Alvina August as Detective Karen Hart in "Nancy Drew". Picture: Supplied
Alvina August as Detective Karen Hart in "Nancy Drew". Picture: Supplied

Alvina August plays TV sleuth’s sidekick in the rebooted ‘Nancy Drew’ series

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published Jan 18, 2020

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She's a new hottie on the Hollywood block and she has been working her way up the ladder since 2016. 

After cameo roles in several shows, Alvina August got more screen time in a few made-for-TV movies as well as "The Good Doctor", "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" and "Siren". 

Now viewers can catch her in the third small-screen reboot of "Nancy Drew".

She plays Detective Karen Hart, she is also dating Carson Drew (Scott Wolf), a criminal defence attorney and Nancy’s widowed father. 

Of course, at the heart of the series is Kennedy McMann as the crime-solving genius. 

Kennedy McMann is cast as the well-known sleuth in the series. Picture: Supplied

August adds, “Nancy Drew is about Nancy, a curious, brilliant, independent 18-year-old teenager, who loses her mother and halts her plans to pursue journalism. She stays behind and gets a job in town. And the series follows her through her adventures. She has a very curious mind and she is always interested in things that are going on in town. And so it just follows her journey as she solves crimes, often times with a paranormal element.” 

As for the supernatural component, August explains, “Nancy doesn’t believe in ghosts, she’s proclaimed this in the series, so it’s going to be one of those things where she is driven by logic and science in a lot of ways. It will definitely be an interesting journey to see how she can reason that throughout her findings and all the things that she goes through.” 

On giving the nod to the show, August says, “The experience so far has been far beyond anything I could have imagined. “I am a proclaimed feminist and for me to have women that are in the writing room, that are producers, they are powerful, unapologetic, sassy, loud-mouthed. It’s a tribe of women that have come together to tell this story and I think it’s just, personally, one of the most rewarding roles to play. It’s one of the most rewarding shows I have been a part of. To have a say, in that sort of way, is so profound.” 

Expanding on her character, she reveals, “I would describe Karen as ambitious, capable, and very fiercely protective of Nancy, who gets in a lot of trouble. She helps to guide Nancy along on her adventures.” 

August adds, “Karen is somewhat of a surrogate mother to Nancy. Karen was very good friends with Nancy’s late mother, who passed away from cancer. And throughout that time, as her mom’s illness got worse, she became a mother figure for Nancy. 

“She took on a lot of those responsibilities where her mom could not. She also, after Nancy’s mom passed, became a comfort for the family. So, in a lot of ways she is very close to the family, and we’ll see that and how fiercely protective she is of Nancy throughout the series.” 

Karen’s romance with Carson does cause a bit of tension in her relationship with Nancy. 

"Nancy Drew" has something for everyone. It is a crime drama as well as a suspense thriller with a good measure of romance thrown in. Fans are bound to be thoroughly entertained. 

"Nancy Drew" airs on M-Net (DStv channel 101) on Saturday at 9pm. 

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