Elizabeth played by Heida Reed and George Warleggan played by Jack Farthing in Poldark. Picture: Supplied

One of the most watched shows on ITV Choice is coming to an end after a mind blowing five seasons. 

"Poldark", a vintage masterpiece, starring Aidan Turner as Captain Ross Vennor Poldark, Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza Poldark and Jack Farthing as George Warleggan among others have entertained fans since the start of the series in 2015. 

Jack Farthing who plays Ross Poldark’s troubled and complex adversary, George Warleggan, describes mixed emotions about the drama coming to an end.

“I am a bit of a one for nostalgia and I have been languishing in the fact this is the final season – it is odd but also exciting for a number of reasons. Firstly, because it has been a successful show and we are all so happy and proud of what we have achieved, but also because we have an amazing season this year. As much as it has been strange and sad it has also felt like we’ve all wanted to really nail it," he said. 
Farthing revealed that filming the final series of Poldark has been the most challenging work he's done in the past five years.  

“This had been a big challenge. My character is grieving in a particular and dramatic way. There are climaxes to his sadness and some of them were pretty challenging to film. There is a particular moment when we go back into the bedroom where Elizabeth died and Dwight makes George remember it and that was really heavy. 

We filmed so much in that bedroom set that when we walk into that room my heart just sinks. I did a lot of running around in my nighty this season, which, in the chilly weather, is also a challenge. Standing on the edge of a cliff in a nighty is not all that much fun," he said. 

However, he was able to perform at his best with adequate preparation for this complex role.  

“I did a lot of research to try and make the work I was doing feel real and authentic. I spoke with some psychologists about grief and the aftermath and the range of reactions they had seen.

 Around 60% of people who are grieving for a lost loved one have some form of contact with them, be that hearing, talking, smelling or touching, it is normal – people think they are going mad but they are just grieving, so it was important for me to hold on to that. It was so interesting to learn about it and try my best to make it feel authentic," said Farthing. 
In continuing episodes, farthing revealed that people will see a very surprising and unseen version of his character.
“People will be surprised. Debbie didn't feel like she always had to sit back into the moulds of characters we established in season one and that is probably one of the greatest strengths of all of the characters but particularly with George. 

"People will have him labelled as a ‘baddie’ so it is interesting when you find yourself feeling sorry for him or momentarily sad for him.  

"People are different all the time and so the audience doesn’t mind if you act unexpectedly, they’re still going to believe who you are, they’ll just think you are behaving out of character, which is what humans do. So I have embraced the ambiguities and it is by far my favourite stuff, those moments of thinking would he do that…?”
As the show comes to a close, Farthing said he will miss stepping into George Warleggan’s shoes every year.
“I will miss playing George, I have been so lucky. I will miss telling his story but I am happy with how it has gone and hopefully this season lives up to what it should.
“I have a George Warleggan costume already hanging in my wardrobe at home. A jacket, britches and waistcoat that were all made for me and I spent the whole season in them and I just love them. It is pure nostalgia, although maybe one day I’ll wear it for a fancy-dress party," he said.

*"Poldark" airs on ITV Choice (DStv123) on Tuesday nights at 8pm