Kim Engelbrecht & Thapelo Mokoena star in 'Bulletproof' filmed in CT

Thapelo Mokoena and Kim Engelbrecht in ’Bulletproof’. Picture: Instagram

Thapelo Mokoena and Kim Engelbrecht in ’Bulletproof’. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 5, 2021


Kim Engelbrecht and Thapelo Mokoena, two of South Africa’s leading actors star is Sky TV’s latest season of “Bulletproof”.

Engelbrecht and Mokoena took to social media to encourage their fans to catch the show which was film last year in the beautiful city of Cape Town before the national lockdown.

The three part action-packed series is filled with comedy, shoot-outs, violent chases, huge car explosions and a stint in prison for its two leads, Pike and Bishop (Ashley Walters and Noel Clarke).

Engelbrecht and Mokoena play South African couple Megan and William whose child is kidnapped.

While the show isn’t available on South African TV channels yet, Mokoena hopes it would be soon and called it “nothing short of magical”.

On Instagram he wrote: “BulletProof UK South Africa 🇬🇧🇿🇦🎬 . My new series @bulletproof_tv just opened in the UK on @skytv, made in the beautiful Western Cape province 🇿🇦.

“I hope all my UK Fam are enjoying the show so far. I can’t wait till we get to see it here at home. Nothing short of magical 🎭 From Africa to the World. We Move! #BP3 #CapeTown #UK #Global #Artists 🌍🎬🇿🇦™️ 📸: @cocostills 🙌🏾”.

In another post, Mokoena praised “Bulletproof” director Sarmad Masud for directing “the hell out of Bulletproof season 3”.

He wrote: “THE DANCE 🎬🤎🇬🇧🇿🇦. The most valuable player between Performance & Translation. The DIRECTOR ✊🏾.

“I’ve been blessed with amazing Directors on this journey. The Trust relationship between Actor & Director is so vital, you can read it on the screen.

“It produces the unspoken dance on the floor that takes over & becomes the fire on your screen 🔥🎬 SARMAD MASUD is a G!

“We did the Dance 🎬✊🏾. He Directed the hell out of @bulletproof_tv season 3. And his first season in SA 🇿🇦. Much Love Sam ✊🏾 I had to explain to him that the FIST ✊🏾 symbolises UNITY.

“Coming together as One for a common vision, I think he heard me <swipe> 😅 For the Love of the Game #Mokoena #Actor #SamMasudDirector ✊🏾🎬🇬🇧🇿🇦™️”.

While Engelbrecht wrote on Twitter: “Bulletproof South Africa Did an awesome show with @ThapeloMokoena. Starring /Created and Produced by @NoelClarke @AshleyWalters82 with @VVBrownskin directed by @SamMasud37. all episodes on @skytv.”

Fans are excited for the two and shared messages of support on social media.

Watch the trailer here:

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