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Monday, August 15, 2022

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National Geographic documentary unlocks secrets of ancient Egypt

Great Sphinx of Giza in Lost Treasures of Egypt. Picture: Supplied

Great Sphinx of Giza in Lost Treasures of Egypt. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 12, 2022


Fans get to witness ground breaking new discoveries as the third season of Lost Treasures of Egypt continues later this month.

The eight-part series lifts the lid on secrets of the ancient Egypt when the National Geographic cameras follow top international archaeologists during a full season of excavations across Egypt.

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Aerial shot of Great Pyramids of Giza. Picture: Supplied.

With unprecedented access to these modern-day explorers who are on the front line of archaeology, viewers give a front row seat as these teams battle searing heat and inhospitable terrain to make the discoveries of a lifetime.

Viewers are in for a treat as they get to see the cutting-edge technology that is used as archaeologists crawl beneath pyramids to uncover long-lost tombs and unearth 3 000-year-old mummies for the very first time.

Produced for National Geographic by Windfall Films, these exciting digs and discoveries, combined with personal testimonies from the archaeologists on the ground will leave fans mind-blown.

The unmissable action includes cameras tracking Dr Mohamed Megahed as he enters the largest pyramid of any queen of ancient Egypt.

Amazingly Megahed was able to reach her burial chamber – something no-one has done since it was first built over 4 000 years ago.

Statue of Queen Nefertari. Picture: Supplied.

Elsewhere in the series Dr Kathleen Martinez is in the temple of Taposiris Magna, where she can explore a secret tunnel network beneath the temple for the first time.

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The temple dates back to Cleopatra’s era and inside the tunnels she finds a hidden doorway which she believes could lead her to the lost tomb of Egypt’s beguiling last Pharaoh.

Archaeologists also hunt for clues to explain one of Ancient Egypt’s great mysteries – the rise of mummification.

They investigate what could be one of the oldest mummies ever found, and break into an intact tomb to learn how mummification endured beyond the end of Egyptian civilization.

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Meanwhile, an unexpected tomb packed with bodies reveals how ordinary Egyptians tried to reach the afterlife.

“Lost Treasures of Egypt” season 3 airs on Fridays from January 21 at 7pm on National Geographic (DStv 181, Starsat 220).

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