Roseanne Barr. Picture: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Roseanne Barr has claimed the 'Roseanne' spin-off show will kill off her character with an "overdose".

The 65-year-old disgraced actress had her sitcom axed by US network ABC earlier this year after backlash over a racist tweet she posted, and following the controversy, the network announced they will be airing a spin-off show called 'The Conners' which will feature all the main cast except Rosanne.

And now, the star has claimed that her character will meet her end at the hands of an "opioid overdose", which she says is "cruelly insulting" to the fans of the original program.

Speaking on Brandon Straka's YouTube show 'Walk Away', Roseanne said: "Oh ya, they killed her. They have her die of an opioid overdose.

"There's nothing I can do about it. It's done. It's over. [But it] so cruelly insults the people who loved that family in that show."

Meanwhile, Roseanne recently claimed she had "walked away" from the show in order to do what was right for her co-stars, as she had concerns they would lose their jobs if a spin-off wasn't produced.

She said: "I just have to be neutral and walk away. I did walk away, so people can keep their jobs."

However, Roseanne slammed ABC last month when she claimed that the network would be "lucky" if 'The Conners' - which is set to air in October - is successful without her.

She said: "I'd tell more jokes about myself than I do anybody else, because to me, comedy is very personal, and that's what makes it funny. That's what made people like the 'Roseanne' show - because they saw themselves in [me], or have an aunt, or their mom or their sister, somebody in their family was, you know, a loud, outspoken woman who loved her family.

"That was what I brought to television and what kicked everybody's a** in the ratings. [ABC] should be so lucky that they'll ever get anywhere near that. And they can't take that away from me, no matter what's happened."