Stephen Dorff as Bill Hollister in the crime drama, "Deputy". Picture: Supplied
Stephen Dorff as Bill Hollister in the crime drama, "Deputy". Picture: Supplied

Stephen Dorff rocks as the new sheriff in town in 'Deputy'

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published May 5, 2020

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Whether he is cast as someone breaking the law or enforcing it, Stephen Dorff is in his element. In Universal TV’s new crime drama, "Deputy", he does the latter in his role as Bill Hollister, the new acting Los Angeles County Sheriff.

He has a different approach to doing things and it doesn’t sit well with everyone. Restoring a lost sense of honour and duty among his officers is of paramount importance to him.

Yara Martinez ("Jane the Virgin" and 'True Detective"-fame) is cast as his supportive wife, Dr Paula Reyes, while Valeria Jauregui plays Maggie Hollister, their daughter.

Stephen Dorff as Bill Hollister in the crime drama, "Deputy". Picture: Supplied

In a recent interview, both actors shed light on the show and their characters. 

Dorff said: “I think one of the cool parts about this show is obviously, number one, it’s a pretty ‘balls to the wall’ action show. You know, it's built to entertain. 

"At the same time a very intense lead character who’s different. He’s not a politician. He’s in a political job now and his life is completely changing, and I think in order to have the strength to even have been a deputy as long as Bill was and to kind of throw his life on the line for all these people you never know. That’s his job. 

"That’s an admirable thing about law enforcement. You know I don’t throw my life on the line every day, I’m an artist. But you know, I have an incredible amount of respect for the military, firemen. I have an incredible amount of respect for all walks of law enforcement. 

"I think what makes the show really cool as well is that we don’t just see this tough guy kicking butt all the time, we actually see him vulnerable when he goes home.”

He continued: “We see the strength he has on the home-front that gives him the power to be able to have that confidence to mix things up and shake this whole department up. 

"And that’s ultimately what’s gonna happen when we get to know these characters. But Paula and my daughter - these two Latina beautiful women -  is a place where we get to see Bill as Bill. We get to see a boyish quality. 

"We get to see a guy with a daughter who’s getting older and wearing hot pants to school and is going to start dating and it’s like, ‘Woah what is going on?’ I think that’s scary for any parent. Especially Bill Hollister, who is really tripping out that his baby is growing up very fast. 

“And he’s supporting his incredibly tough, smart, educated, incredible surgeon wife that is there for him and is really tough with him and gives him that strength.”

Despite the demands of her job as a surgeon, Paula is the calming force in Bill’s storm.

Martinez added: “I think Bill and Paula really love each other. They have a really strong foundation. And I think Paula really sees Bill as her hero. 

"Not that she needs one – she’s definitely her own hero but in that old school way of just being able to be this independent woman and also having a man who’s chivalrous and really loves and admires and listens to her.”

In the first episode, Bill has his work cut out for him when he decides to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a money launderer for the cartels. He also incurs the wrath of ICE by shutting down a morally-questionable operation.

Bottom line, Dorff fits the bill for this role and he is taking no prisoners in this action-packed crime drama. 

"Deputy" airs on Universal TV (DStv channel 117) on Monday, May 11, at 8pm.

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