Kit Harington. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

"Game of Thrones" stars Emilia Clarke and John Bradley crashed Kit Harington's "Saturday Night Live" monologue and demanded spoilers about the final season from him.

Harington hosted an episode of "Saturday Night Live" on April 6 and had to field questions during his monologue about "who wins 'Game of Thrones'".

Some of those questions came from his own co-stars Clarke and Bradley as well as his real-life wife Rose Leslie.

Clarke stood up in the audience and asked if he could at least share "a sense of how it ends". When Harington pointed out that she already knows because she is in the show, she replied: "Well yeah but I forgot. It's been so damn long since the last season, plus a lot of my scenes are talking to a dragon, which is just a tennis ball on a green pole. I have no idea what's actually happening."

Bradley then stood up to ask what happened to his character, Samwell Tarly, because "they only let me see two pages of the script and all my character says is, ‘Arhhhh'."

"What did it say in the script before that?" Harington asked. "Dragon opens mouth," Bradley replied.

When Leslie stood up, Harington said he "couldn't even tell (her)" how the show ends, but she said she didn't care about that because "I'm not a nerd".

"My question is, what are we going to do for money now?" she said. "We didn't save anything, and you kept telling me, ‘Oh I'm the King of the North, we can order UberEats every night."

"Game of Thrones" Season 8 will premiere internationally on April 14 (April 15 in South Africa on Showmax and M-Net Channel 101).

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