Kit Harington as Jon Snow and Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. Picture: Helen Sloan/HBO

We're two weeks away from the premiere of the final season of "Game of Thrones" and with every new trailer and promotional videos we get some hints for the future of Westeros.

Two new promotional videos dropped on Monday, and while for the most part is mostly consist of footage from the first teasers, there are a couple of new scenes in the two 30-second clips. 

In both of the clips, we see Jon Snow and Arya Stark in the same scene since season one which is sure to have fans of the Stark family jumping for joy.

Furthermore, Beric Dondarrion makes an appearance with the flaming sword in hand and seems to confirm that the one-eyed warrior does make his way to Winterfell in time for battle against the white walkers. 

We also get a new clip of Daenerys Targaryen's hand, Tyrion, as he is giving a speech in the great hall of Winterfell.  Followed by a shot of both Sansa and Daenerys sitting at the head of the table, which could be hinting a the two women putting their differences aside for the battle ahead. Jon also walks away from the Queen of Dragons in an eerie scene in front of a fireplace and we get look from the back and front in the videos.

The battle of Winterfell is looking to be the big action climax of the final season and in these new videos, we get a few new scenes of it with the Unsullied firmly in formation. 

For the most part, these new clips featured footage we've seen before, but fans will most likely do their usual frame-by-frame analysis of the videos and uncover more hints for the television event of the decade. 

Watch the promotional videos below: