This image released by HBO shows Issa Rae in a scene from "Insecure." (HBO via AP)

It’s an unfair comparison, we know. But the fact that both "Insecure" and "Atlanta" debuted around the same time doesn’t help matters.

They are both shows that are spearheaded by incredibly talented black creators. They both feature a predominately black cast. And while the actual plot lines are very different from each other, they both push the envelope in their storytelling.

The third season of "Atlanta" is due to premiere in 2020 but this weekend, the first episode of the third season of Insecure got off to a lukewarm start. Yes, Issa’s ex-boyfriend, Lawrence, is definitely not coming back - which is just perfect for those of us who thought the petition to keep him on the show was stupid.

Molly and Issa are still BFFs but Issa is struggling financially and Molly is not. Issa has taken on a second job as a Lyft driver and there are few interesting micro-storylines that happen because of those characters.

But, it’s exactly that vignette style that is reminiscent of Atlanta. The fact that most of these stories are told through black male characters also make it seem like Issa may have been attempting to take a page out of Donald Glover’s book. Or maybe we’re reaching.

Only time will tell.