Hands down this has been the most entertaining week of Big Brother Africa yet.

We have seen so much happen during the week that even Big Brother himself signed his leave form and decided not to have an eviction show this Sunday. If you are a fan, you’ll know it is a big deal when Big Brother goes a weekend without an eviction. Nominations had been decided on in Upville yet at short notice they had to be put on hold.

For that reason we will not have our usual Nominations Review section of this article. But we will talk about the other things that made these past few days special.


Undoubtedly, this is the worst we have seen the inmates behave since they started their odyssey in the house of woes.

The big thing on everyone’s lips is the DKB and Zanaib fight. She peeped at his manhood while he was in the shower. He later came out and threatened to smack her if she did it again. Being a loud-mouth, Zanaib kept pushing him and got smacked for her efforts. Her attempt at a physical response had everyone trying to hold them back. It takes you back to the Lerato/Hannington incident two years ago, doesn’t it?

I wonder how much security Big Brother offers contestants when dangerous fights occur? Given that the housemates have access to sharp objects such as cutlery, it could be just a matter of time before something major happens. Here’s hoping not.


Sadly, the beautiful sisters Eve and Edith from Botswana were evicted. With them went Ghana’s Mildred. They all agreed that it was too early to leave and was hard to say goodbye.

As in previous interviews with the evicted, the question of the “lottery machine” that randomly selects people for possible eviction came up.

“We should nominate ourselves,” said Edith.

“We should have a say in who leaves and who stays because if not, then what is the point of playing the game when some machine will choose you in the end?”

Mildred agreed, saying she felt the whole Downville process was unfair. But then again, unlike the others, Mildred no longer felt like playing the game.

“I knew I was going home because I was spending a lot of time lying down in the house,” she said.

Eve was more concerned about what the reception would be like once she and her sister got home.

“I am a bit nervous about going back home so soon. I am not sure how people in Botswana will take it,” she said hesitantly .

At least she is not DKB or Zanaib, who had to be dismissed with immediate effect after their fight.


Tension is building in both houses. Downville are a little more excited since the evictions have created more room and access to resources. Also, Angola’s Esperanca and Seydou have opted out and have become the second pair to leave without eviction.

In Upville the spirits are low because of the DKB and Zanaib departures. It was a rather good call to cut out evictions this week; there is a need to give the drama time to stew.