Early birds will be happy to know that one of the top news shows on e.tv, Sunrise, has had a facelift. The revamp gives the show a fresher look that makes waking up early worthwhile.

The logo has been changed and the theme song has been remixed to something a little less serious.

“The design of the opening sequence and the logo was centred on different South African landscapes that show- cased shots of the rising sun and we gave the logo a 3D effect. The theme song stayed the same, just remixed to give it a more up- tempo sound,” said Nicholas Maphopha, the executive producer of Sunrise.

While all that sounds good and well, questions as to why these changes are being made now are bound to arise. Maphopha said it was all timed and done for reasons significant to the e.tv

“The show celebrated its fourth year this year and has already established itself as an infotainment platform. The old logo showcased different elements of the show,” he said.

“The new-look graphics are more modern and give it a 3D look, showcasing the evolution of the show with the changing times in broadcasting and giving the viewers a better viewing experience,” he explained.

As far as the format of the show goes, Maphopha said Sunrise is now more interactive and driven towards citizen journalism with more of a focus on community-related content, encouraging South Africans to play their part in dealing with the country’s socio-economic issues.

Launched earlier this week, the new look has received varied reactions from viewers. Some have embraced the change, while others would rather things have stayed the way they were.

“As with any change, there are mixed views on the new look, but for regular e.tv breakfast show viewers who have been following the show, they appreciate and welcome the change, while new viewers are still to warm up to it,” Maphopha said.

Though there are many changes to be found on Sunrise, the show’s beautiful hosts, Sindy Mabe and Stacey Holland, remain a constant.

• Sunrise airs every weekday at 6am on e.tv.