Idols winner for season 8 Khaya Mthethwa holds his news debut album released this week and can be found in all music stores during an interview held at the Newscafe in Campus Square. Picture:Paballo Thekiso

Johannesburg - As Khaya Mthethwa strolls into the Newscafe restaurant at Campus Square in Joburg, his presence instantly turns heads.

Patrons eating at the restaurant stop what they are doing and rush over to the Idols star for a picture and an autograph.

Mthethwa doesn’t mind at all. He takes time to chat to each of his fans before making his way to his own table.

The 26-year-old, who won season eight of Idols, says he could never turn a fan away.

“If it wasn’t for my fans I would be nothing,” says Mthethwa. “They are the ones who voted for me and got me to where I am, so I’m eternally grateful to them.

Mthethwa was in Joburg this week to promote his debut album For You which hit music stores on Monday. He has been travelling around the country promoting it.

In addition to working on his debut album, Mthethwa has had non-stop gigs lined up.

“I won’t lie, I feel exhausted,” said Mthethwa. “I’ve had little rest since Idols, as I have been fully booked. However, life has been wonderful and I’m completely blessed so I have little to complain about.”

Mthethwa said he worked endlessly for three weeks putting together For You, which includes 13 tracks.

“I’ve got everything from hip hop, to R&B, as well as gospel on the album so there’s a range of different genres.”

Mthethwa is the most popular Idol in the history of the competition having received 1.8 million votes, the most any winner has received.

Mthethwa’s father was against him entering Idols, but now he says his father is his biggest fan.

“My dad never misses a show. He’s always there to support me no matter what I do and was constantly there for me during Idols.”

Mthethwa will perform in Nigeria and Namibia in two weeks time.