It’s barely been a week since Big Brother Stargame started, but already the contestants have had heated arguments. Meanwhile, alcohol has been banned in one house and some players have been evicted.

It is promising to be the best season yet because of the calibre of contestants chosen this time.

The pairs in Downville obviously do not always get along and so Big Brother’s legions of fans are guaranteed buckets of drama in the next three months.

Let’s look at a few things that have transpired in the two houses thus far.


This year, or at least for the moment, nominations for eviction are made via a machine that is reminiscent of the one used for the lottery.

Just minutes after they were sent into the Downville house, the Tanzanian and Zimbabwean contestants found themselves up for eviction.

It was a cold move from the show’s producers, but, then again, there was a record 28 people trying to make themselves heard in the crowded space.

Three of the nominees were sent home, while Zimbabwe’s contestant, Maneta, was promoted to the low-density area, Upville, where she gets to chill with the celebrities.

In next week’s nominations, Sierra Leone and Liberia – the new entrants to the show – have been selected to be eligible for possible eviction.


In past seasons we had dramatic events such as the Munya sex saga, the Lerato and Uti violence episode and Luclay’s yelling, but never has Big Brother been as audibly livid as he was a few days ago.

Downville had taken him there with their shameless foul language, endless arguments and irresponsible drinking.

In a voice that indicated that he was clearly struggling to contain his anger, Big Brother laid down the rules, which included toning down the fighting – and the cussing.

A seemingly abstemious Big Brother also froze the booze supply until further notice.

Methinks that from now on he should supply it “after hours” because, honestly, what sane person drinks around the clock anyway?


Teclar: “When the ‘evil machine’ chose us five minutes after enter-ing the house, we were shocked. But the truth is we always knew that this was a game of chance, so I have made peace with that.”

Julio: “If people were asked to nominate each other for eviction, then I would still be in the house because I get along with people. I think the machine makes it fair, though.

“Alliances mean nothing this time.”

Hilda: “I went in to help a charity that caters for HIV-positive children.

“I thought the money would go a long way in helping them, but I guess there are other means.”


• For the sake of the newbies, Sierra Leone and Liberia, will Big Brother please stop the eviction and give these two countries a chance?

• Though they have kissed and made up, it is only a matter of time before Upville’s Barbz and Prezzo are back at each others’ throats. This time it could be serious.

• With Maneta entering Upville, all the male attention is focused her. The question is, how long are the other female contestants going to pretend that all is well?