La La Vasquez (pictured) first made a name for herself in the reality show, La La’s Full Court Wedding, for which she kept a diary describing the events and experiences surrounding the preparations for her marriage to basketball star Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks.

Although she managed to milk a whole season out of the build-up to her wedding, it was kind of obvious that if that project succeeded she would milk it as much as possible.

But you can’t have a second season of your fabulous wedding when your actual wedding has come and gone. So Mrs Anthony hatched a plan, and in no time she was back with the same show, now called La La’ s Full Court Life.

So that just means we are stuck with her for as long as she is alive and the programme receives good ratings. Perhaps if she divorces her sports star then she might call it quits, but then again she could come up with something called La La’s Full Court Split. The inter- esting thing is that La La’s shows are named based on her husband’s occupation. As a basketball player, the man is one of the most suc- cessful players currently in the NBA.

Speaking of Carmelo, aka Melo, and his wife, a few days ago they hit the headlines when he had a fight with Boston Celtics player Kevin Garnett over some silly thing during a game. Melo managed to sneak a punch and then ran away.

Garnett, who is known to be reckless both verbally and physically, decided to retaliate by claiming Melo’s wife tasted “like honey-flavoured cereal”. The husband was not impressed and confronted Garnett after the game and another verbal spat ensued.

If La La is as honest in life as on her reality show then we need to see this episode included in the near future. For now we will be stuck with her second season material.

It is always interesting to note how the Anthony couple almost never put a foot wrong in their marriage. He is the somewhat quiet type compared to La La. If he is not calling out the dudes on the court then he keeps mum, while she is quite the loud one. Perhaps it comes from her MTV VJ and radio background days.

This show makes shows like MTV Cribs redundant because when you step into the Anthonys’ home you see it for what it is – more than just another rented house. He is on top of his game so he gets paid top dollar, such that when La La calls this a “full court life” it simply means no-holds barred living.

It is the kind of exposure that leaves the paparazzi clueless as to what pictures to take because the show takes us through everything the two supposedly endure – he on the road and she trying to be as supportive as possible.

In season one Melo had just joined the Knicks and that meant the whole family had to move to New York and start a new life. For someone who had spent too much time in Los Angeles, we saw La La struggle with the new life to the point that she often visited her friends Kelly Rowland and Serena Williams back in LA.

In the second season things begin to clear up and the Anthonys settle in the Big Apple. But as with every reality show, there is always drama. His Knicks are in the middle of a season so that means Melo is always on the bus to the next city. This takes a toll on their relation- ship, but then again it is the thing that pays their bills and in turn makes them relevant.

• La La’s Full Court Life season two starts on January 25 at 7pm on Vuzu (DStv channel 116).