La Toya Jackson

WHEN business magnate Donald Trump featured La Toya Jackson (pictured) on his show Celebrity Apprentice, it gave the world a peek into the lesser- known Jackson’s persona.

She has an air about her that almost says she should be treated a certain way just because she comes from the same womb as her famous sibling, Michael.

Most of the people she was teamed with on the reality programme complained that she was lazy and had absurd ideas that she wanted to impose on them.

She even insensitively blurted out that one of the contestants, Omarosa Manigault, who was dating the late actor Michael Clarke-Duncan, must have pulled the plug on him.

Manigault threatened to sue so Jackson later apologised.

In another fight, the loudmouth NeNe Leakes also let Jackson have it with the memorable line: “The only reason you have gotten this far is because of your last name” – and although Jackson tried to save face, the damage had already been done.

Now, with Ekasi bringing us Life With La Toya, we go back to Leakes’s statement and find out just how true it rings.

Life With La Toya is a reality series that shows us the life and times of La Toya Jackson. She is settling into a new house and planning on broadening her business portfolio. She also digs into the past to reflect on the death of popstar Michael and her divorce.

Michael’s children even appear in one of the episodes, just for special effect.

Okay, let’s break this down. When the Jackson 5 first came onto the scene, they were mainly a boy band comprised of five brothers. The inclusion of the girls occasionally took place on stage when they did some dance routines.

This is when La Toya was featured. As time went on and everyone grew up, Michael went into superstar mode, with his brothers slowly sinking into oblivion. Sister Janet launched her solo career and of all the kids apart from Michael, she had a very successful career.

Meanwhile, La Toya, too, was trying to make a name for herself, but she failed dismally. She has only succeeded at being known as Michael’s sister, a thing Janet embraced, but did not depend on.

If you look at the synopsis of the show, you’ll see that this is nothing but another attempt by the talent-less Jackson to remain relevant.

She talks of expanding her business plans and we wonder what that’s really about? She has been trying to get into business and, like Leakes says, the only reason we are even talking about her is because of her relation to the King of Pop.

He knew, when he was alive, that some of his family members were milking his status for personal gain. If they were not, then why feature your famous brother’s children on your show? It’s about you and not them, isn’t it?

• Life With La Toya airs on eKasi+ at 8.30pm tonight.