5 Afrikaans shows worth their salt

Kevin Smith in ’Skemerdans’. Picture: Supplied.

Kevin Smith in ’Skemerdans’. Picture: Supplied.

Published Aug 14, 2021


Growing up watching TV in South Africa was so much fun. We had multi-lingual shows with the best storylines filling up our SABC channels.

No matter what language you conversed in on the daily, reading Afrikaans subtitles was the order of the day if you wanted to keep up with shows like “Orkney Snork Nie”, “Egoli-Place of Gold” or even “Wielie Walie”.

However, somewhere along the line we lost that authenticity when a plethora of channels and shows were made available – almost all in the English medium.

So, if you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone and try something out of the box, then why not give these Afrikaans series a try the next time you switch on the telly.

Devilsdorp - Showmax

This true-crime docu-series shows how a spate of brutal appointment murders gripped the town of Krugersdorp.

The investigation led detectives to a series of unsolved cold cases, the so-called satanic murders, and to links between 11 Krugersdorp killings between 2012 and 2016.

They discovered these were the work of the Electus per Deus (Chosen by God) cult. Alongside extraordinary footage of exorcisms, church meetings, and trial testimonies and judgments, Devilsdorp features first-hand accounts.

Afgrond - kykNET

Produced by Penguin Films, kykNET’s latest drama “Afgrond”, brings five women fighting for their survival together. Each have to make life-changing decision.

The fascinating and powerful series looks at Julia Cilliers (Jana Kruger) a psychologist who struggles to process her guilt arising out of her child's death. Hannelie Fourie (Marguerite van Eeden) approaches Julia for psychological help because she is being sexually abused at work. Lana Bridgett (Kim Cloete), a glamorous soap star, emerges from a five-year coma and realises she has amnesia.

Nadine May (Gretchen Ramsden), a candidate attorney who has to choose between leaving the love of her life, Franklin (Roberto Kyle) behind and taking a new job opportunity and Leora van Niekerk (Kanya Viljoen) inherits Ever End, her father's funeral parlour.

While she’s trying to keep her head above water, she discovers the shocking truth about her fiancé, Etienne (Wilhelm van der Walt).

Skemerdans - Showmax

Cape Flats neo-noir murder mystery “Skemerdans” is a whodunnit set at the Oasis jazz club, the centre of a power struggle between two brothers, a scorned widow and an organised crime syndicate.

It’s an organic, hyper-local mix of both Afrikaans and English. “Skemerdans” revolves around the Fortune family, whose eldest son Glenn (Kevin Smith) owns The Oasis with his wife, Shireen (Ilse Klink).

Spoorloos: Steynhof - kykNET (seasons 1 and 2 available on Showmax)

“Spoorloos: Steynhof“ takes place in a small village that has become a ghost town following a series of unsolved mysteries including a devastating serial killer case.

The village was terrorised by a serial killer who targeted young boys until the killings abruptly and inexplicably stopped.

Thirteen years later, just as the town is finally trying to shake off its past and attempt to re-invent itself, the serial killer suddenly returns.

To find them a big city detective and ambitious journalist have to re-open old wounds.

Arendsvlei - kykNET (Season 3)


Set at a fictional private high school in Cape Town, South Africa, this popular telenovela shines a light on many relevant and modern issues such as homophobia, violence in rural communities, bullying, sexual harassment and adultery.

Led by a highly talented cast and driven by impeccable writing, “Arendsvlei” is full of twists and turns that will send viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions.