Krijay with her husband, Praveen Govender at the 2019 Saftas. Picture: Instagram
Krijay with her husband, Praveen Govender at the 2019 Saftas. Picture: Instagram

'7de Laan's director Krijay Govender on all things entertainment

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Aug 11, 2019

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Krijay Govender who is directing SABC2’s "7de Laan" and who is also a professional MC chatted to us this Women’s Month about all things entertainment.  

How would you describe the entertainment industry now?

It’s changing faster than other industries in relation to it being male dominated. 

How do you feel about more females entering the industry? 

It’s great. This is directly related to the US industry. Shonda Rhimes and Meryl Streep were voices advocating for more females in all areas of the industry with equal pay. Social media has also become a powerful medium for women in entertainment to use. 

Did you have any barriers that you had to overcome? 

I have been lucky enough not to have too much gender discrimination. Maybe it is because I come across as quick aggressive, or masculine. 

What advice would you give to other women entering the industry?

It’s tough. There are no benefits like pension, petrol or retirement. It’s also long hours, but totally worth it if you’re passionate. 

What do you think are the biggest issues faced by women of today?

The balancing act of working mothers. It’s an age old battle. Each of us handle it differently. 

How important is it for women to uplift each other? 

I think we need to do that in private spaces, but at work I don’t like any attention because I’m a woman. I’m capable so I expect to be treated equally. 

What will you be doing this Women's Day? 

I’m currently on a trip away with two women who support me beyond expectations. My mother Vigi Govender (business woman, who was the first black female computer programmer in apartheid South Africa). And my sister Jemima Hussain (chief executive of the Nest Dubai, where she lives) - but to me... they are Ma and Jem.

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