Abomama. Picture: Supplied

Mzansi Magic’s Abomama finale almost felt like the remake of the 1996 American crime action movie, Set It Off: remember when Queen Latifah, Vivica A. Fox, Jada Pinkett Smith and and Kimberly Elise went on a bank robbery spree?

Quick recap, the four ladies of Abomama bomthandazo or women of prayer, first killed Mancane and buried him in a shallow grave, taking took off with a large sum of money.

The season’s finale saw Mamoruti Fumane delivering a stellar performance when she shot Detective Khoroane dead, in a shooting spree, with the good detective firing back, injuring Fumane.

Mapule who was dating the Detective Khoroane found the pair laying in the pool of blood, as she called the ambulance she attended to Fumane, without any attempts of checking on the detective.

Well, Fumane late escaped from the hospital.

Dora survived the attempted suicide. And the ladies returned all the stolen in an an effort to free from the clutches of Bonanza but an unexpected baddie emerged and everyone is shocked.

Yes, Raki, Mancane’s grieving mom and the pastor's side chick is taking her rightful place in the church following Fumane’s disappearance.

She proved to the three remaining Abomama that she is boss. She went on to kill Bonanza, shooting him point blank, robbing him off all his money.