Chane Mynhardt. Picture: Supplied

Three Immunity Idols played in one fell swoop forced the second round of voting during Tribal Council on Thursday night's episode of M-Net’s 'Survivor South Africa: Philippines and saw Chané become the second castaway ousted from the Araw beach and sent to the Jury.

We caught up with her.

Why did you decide to enter the show?

I keep on joking about this but I was going through a quarter-life crisis and I looked at life I thought there has to be more to is. At that moment I had my very own Oprah moment where I decided to say yes to life, Survivor SA came along and I said yes.

How did you prepare for Survivor South Africa: Philippines?

That’s actually another joke when I found out I would be apart of the show I just started jogging every day for 3 kilometres. I thought that would be adequate but I was wrong.

What was your strategy going into the game?

Well I am blonde so I figured I would use that to my advantage and just play the dumb blonde that does not know what is going on and it helped. Aligning myself with Tom, in the beginning, was a strategy I had once on the island.

What did you learn from this experience?

This was actually a very humbling experience and I learnt to just appreciate everything I have. It is very hard being out there and there were many times where I wanted to quit but I just persevered.

Any regrets?

I feel as if I played a good game, my only regret is not flipping during the merge.