Carine Rous is thrilled to be playing a baddie in ’Inconceivable’. Picture: Supplied
Carine Rous is thrilled to be playing a baddie in ’Inconceivable’. Picture: Supplied

Carine Rous is chuffed to finally be playing a baddie in ‘Inconceivable’

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published Oct 7, 2020

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The female-centric characters in M-Net’s “Inconceivable” is indicative of the global trend in television.

That it is led by a talented genus of actresses is another win for the 13-part homegrown series.

And Carine Rous is an absolute revelation in her role as Rachel Bishop.

Having completed her honours in comedy at Pretoria Tech, it was a genre she excelled in.

In fact, her first acting gig was in the sitcom,” Askies”. In 2018, she bagged a Safta for Best Actress in a Comedy for her role in “Elke Skewe Pot”.

But she’s proved herself equally adept in the drama genre with “High Rollers”.

Rous admitted: “Coming back to drama is wonderful. I am truly grateful to play such an intricate character.”

“Inconceivable” is a poignant drama about two best friends, who are forced to keep a dark secret.

As time goes by, the secret becomes an unbearable burden and impacts terribly on their relationship as well as that of their family and close friends.

The cast of “Inconceivable”. Picture: M-Net/Supplied

On this series taking scripted dramas to another level, the actress added: “It represents women and what they deal with and the concept of 'Can you really have it all? Family and career?

“Women juggle a lot and it is wonderful to see a TV story where female characters take the lead.”

This series explores the journey of its female protagonists as they juggle work, family, relationships and friendships.

It also explores the social divide between the haves and the have nots.

Rous added: “It is great storytelling. Often, as the story unfolds, it's like a car accident, you want to look away but the plot is too riveting and you can't help but find yourself watching to see how it will all end.”

If you haven’t caught the series, yet, Rachel is a successful lawyer. An alpha-female, she has no qualms about manipulating a situation or person to suit her needs.

And she does just that with her best friend, Marieke, a highly-recommended gynaecologist.

On their relationship dynamics, she shared: “They are like sisters, who know each others' deepest secrets and completely accept and love one another.

“Rachel is comfortable being the centre of attention and Marieke gladly comes along for the ride.”

With episode six airing on Thursday, the friendship between the two has reached a breaking point.

Marieke has decided to walk away from it all.

Expanding on Rachel’s marriage to James (Langley Kirkwood), Rous explained: “It is perhaps not the healthiest of relationships (as he can be quite controlling), however, they are incredibly loyal to one another and something that should break them apart actually solidifies their marriage.”

In the meantime, Rachel’s unconscionable act is coming back to haunt her. Will she do the right thing or recruit more unsuspecting pawns to keep her secret?

That is the question weighing on the mind of viewers, who silently yearn for her to get her comeuppance!

“Inconceivable” airs on M-Net (DStv channel 101) on Thursdays at 8.30pm.

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