Cassper Nyovest. Picture: Instagram
Cassper Nyovest. Picture: Instagram

Cassper Nyovest says he’s not attached to any of 'The Braai Show' legal drama

By Jamal Grootboom Time of article published Aug 18, 2021

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Local rapper Cassper Nyovest is staying out of the legal drama surrounding “The Braai Show”.

AKA has got in a public dispute with Cake Media, MakhuduCom Media and state broadcaster SABC over the ownership of “The Braai Show”.

The public spat has been ongoing with legal letters being served both ways.

When asked online by a Twitter user on Tuesday about the ongoing drama, Cassper said that whether or not AKA gets his 50% ownership and executive producer credit, it would still air.

And that the Megacy would make noise about him hosting for a couple of weeks then it would blow over.

Another tweep asked about AKA suing the SABC over the ownership dispute.

He said that it’s all noise until it goes to court and it won’t stop the show from airing.

When one fan joked about being his lawyer if he gets sued, the “Destiny” rapper said: “I don't need a lawyer. I am in no way attached to anything here.

“I got paid for a service. I delivered a service and I damn well enjoyed shooting #TheBraaiShowWithCass.

“It is shot already, I got paid already. It's funny looking at people arguing about something that's done.”

Earlier this month, it was announced that the show would return for a second season without the “Fela In Versace” hitmaker, but instead his arch-rival Cassper had taken over hosting duties.

AKA, through Tailor Made Legal Solutions, is legally fighting for 50% of copyright to the SABC1 food and talk show.

In a legal letter served to the SABC, it states that in March last year, AKA and MakhuduCom Media entered into a partnership to produce content for AKA TV. Both parties agreed that the entire copyright and other rights would be jointly vested in the parties.

However, in October, MakhuduCom could not pay for the show and ceded all its rights to Cake Media in exchange for settling production costs.

Fast-forward to February, when the SABC wanted another season and AKA was consulted and on board, but due to personal reasons he was unable to continue with his hosting duties.

As it stands, AKA is demanding that he receive his 50% entitlement as joint owner, which includes proceeds from the channel and sponsorships, brand or otherwise.

He also wants appropriate credit as the executive producer of the show.

In a new statement sent to IOL Entertainment, Cake Media and MakhuduCom, who claim to be the sole executive producers, said that they have been left with no option but to protect their business interest.

“We have instituted legal proceedings against Kiernan Forbes (AKA) to desist from causing more harm to our brands and business. We are confident about our legal position and all will be revealed through legal means”.

They added that that production was continuing.

“We have an obligation to the entertainment-loving public, the broadcaster and other stakeholders.”

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