Celeb couples tell their love stories on the new season of ‘Celebrated Love’

Salamina and Howza Mosese. Picture: Instagram

Salamina and Howza Mosese. Picture: Instagram

Published Aug 25, 2020


A brand new season of the much anticipated SABC3 love and relationship show is heading back to our screens in September.

The second season of “Celebrated Love” will feature a variety of Mzansi’s favourite celebrity couples like local actors and soap-stars Salamina and Howza Mosese.

The singing stage-and-screen couple David Johnson and Bianca le Grange, actors and fitness fanatics Clint and Steffi Brink.

International renowned chef and her graphic designer husband Siba and Brian Mtongana and entertainer and TV-host Emo Adams and his model-turned-businesswoman wife Michelle Gildenhuys-Adams.

“Celebrated Love” shares the incredible journeys in life, love and marriage and navigates the challenges that married life brings, setting the pace for some serious #couplegoals.

The show explores how relationships can survive and even thrive through the highs and lows of long term commitment and tells the love stories of eight couples, whose marriages have stood the test of time, proving that love can still flourish in contemporary times and that the sanctity of marriage still holds its own.

Produced by Blue Zone Media, “Celebrated Love” uses traditional marriage vows to guide the narrative arc, it investigates how each couple has managed to keep their promises to each other alive, and where they have fallen short.

The couples’ open up about the joys, excitement and intensity that come with married life, but also speak candidly about the challenges and hardships they have had to face to make their marriages a success and build a rock-solid foundation for their families.

And even though each of these couples' has a unique story, there is a shared philosophy that keeps their relationships alive.

In the first episode viewers can look forward to Salamina and Tshepo ‘Howza’ Mosese who practically grew up in front of millions of South-Africans TV viewers.

Howza declared his love for Salamina long before he ever set eyes on her in real life, when she used to be a child presenter on television.

Fast forward a couple of years later – and the sparks flew between them when they were cast on “Backstage” and the rest is history.

Now, their marriage fulfils them and has given them new purpose in the form of their two beautiful daughters.

It’s a heart-warming celebration of their love and proof that it is possible for love to blossom, despite the public’s gaze and attention.

Join the warm and fuzzy feeling of love and romance in “Celebrated Love” on SABC3 from September 20 at 7.30pm.

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