Nadine, Martin, Lucia and Kevin on Come Dine With Me: South Africa. Picture: Supplied

Thursday night's episode of Come Dine With Me: South Africa was not as entertaining as previous episodes but thanks to first host Lucia, we were kept entertained. 

The popular cooking competition was in Roodepoort, west of Johannesburg and included two housewives, Lucia and Nadine, a former professional rugby player Martin and a casanova, Kevin.  

First host Lucia who served chorizo risotto starter which third host Kevin referred to a ‘russian’, was probably the most entertaining contestant of the episode. 

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She was sharp with her tongue but never rude. On Kevin’s night Lucia was absolutely me. She refused to sit anywhere near Kevin’s pet snake. Might I add that the snakes name was Billy.

Viewers enjoyed Martin the most, with most calling him a teddy bear. He was loveable, huggable, sharp as a razor and witty as hell. He was really good in the kitchen too and knows his culinary stuff. 

The presentation of his food was the best of the group and I still think he should have won and not come second with Lucia and Kevin.

The most annoying person of the evening went on to win, vegetarian Nadine. I was once a vegetarian too but never as fussy as she was. She also drank no alcohol but at least allowed her guests to bring their own to her dinner party.