Dineo Langa. Picture: Instagram
Dineo Langa. Picture: Instagram

Dineo Langa, Sdumo Mtshali and Clementine Mosimane to star in 'The Estate'

By Supplied Time of article published Feb 2, 2021

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Some of South Africa’s top stars are set to star in SABC3’s newest telenovela,The Estate”.

“The Estate” is a game-changing gripping premium daily drama that probes the hot-button issues on every South African’s lips: land and identity, corruption, patronage, money (old and new), power, class and equality, all told through a colourful mix of South African families that fight for their space in these topical debates.

It will star Dineo Langa, Sdumo Mtshali, Clementine Mosimane, Jo-Anne Reyneke and Nadia Valvekens.

The storyline centres on a gated suburban community haven that is Echelon Estate.

Beautiful homes line the landscaped green parks of the golf course. There is a clubhouse, a gym, and the entire estate is surrounded by an 8-metre-high brick wall and tight security.

Then there are the families that live within the walls – a diverse cross-section of South African society from all walks of life, from the super-elite to the struggling middle class trying to keep up with the Joneses, as well as the working class who are labouring visitors in this “wonderland”.

Meanwhile, trouble brews outside the iron gates of suburbia as growing pressure around a land claim concerning The Estate from the neighbouring Thembalethu township community intensifies.

The ever-present threat of “the peasants storming the castle” looms over the privileged Estate residents, while long-buried secrets are about to be unearthed (literally!) as the terrible Faustian deal between two men is revealed.

“’The Estate’ is a metaphor, a symbol of modernity and status, but the show begs the question: Is this all we aspire to as humans? As citizens? When is enough, enough?

“The show tells moving tales of family, loyalty, love, sacrifice, betrayal and human foibles while addressing some of the issues in our country as we scramble our way to the future.

“The production company (CMP) and the SABC content team have brought us a cutting-edge telenovela which will serve our citizens with world-class storytelling with an award-winning cast, writers and incredible production values.

“South Africans are in for a treat,” said Pat van Heerden, channel head, SABC3 Bouquet.

“The Estate” will debut in April on SABC3.

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